29 July 2009

DEFINITE must-do project

i just saw this project on design mom and fell in love! i have been trying to figure out what to do for max when he is ready to move to a big boy bed and have been going between the toddler bed or twin bed scenario.

i wanted to do a twin bed cuz i didn't want to purchase another crib mattress (since a baby will be sleeping on it - we'll need two). but then, a toddler bed is a much better size and i am sure someday we'll need both a twin and a toddler bed.

this project would cost $75 for two toddler beds, so even cheaper for just one! that definitely beats out even the cheapest beds i have had my eye on. that price doesn't include a mattress but ikea has some mattresses (here, here, and here) that are definitely priced in my budget. PLUS, i can customize the bed however i want as far as color scheme goes.

i am really excited about this! i think i will either do it later this fall, before the baby comes, or have my dad make it for me when my parents come down to see the new baby. since big brother won't be two until after the baby is born, i think i definitely have time before he is ready to move to a bigger bed (that is unless he magically starts climbing out of his crib suddenly!).

see the entire project & tutorial here.


Jaclyn said...

HA! That's so funny, I totally posted this today on my blog as a MUST DO project! What a great idea, huh? Especially for all us new moms looking for cheap ways to get the things we need. So ya, Max and Bree will both be getting one of these!

Jaclyn said...

oh I'm definitely in on ordering mattresses together. And thanks for the tip about Ikea! I didn't know they sold fabrics!