23 June 2009


there is something that is very appealing to me about living in an older house and then updating it. i like the "new house" feel...and the comforts that go along with it, but a big part of me has always loved the "old."

often, old houses need a lot of TLC and design wise, are pretty ugly. i thought i would post some pictures i've seen recently of things that have inspired me and showed me what you can do with something that may appear to be sort of "blah." i've learned you can really make things look great with just a little paint and some creativity!

how ugly is this? well...i think it is. it's just very plain and typical.

how lovely is this?? a COMPLETELY different feel to the house!from design*sponge

those wood doors seem to be so common in older houses and i am really not a huge fan of wood...i really like lots of white in a house...

look what some paint can do! it instantly updates it and gets rid of that '80s look.from design*sponge

another way to update a very out-dated room...again, the wood doesn't appeal to me at all...
doesn't it look completely fresh & different after the new paint and molding?
what is the best about this makeover is that it cost $82. INCREDIBLE!
from the lettered cottage

now here are pictures from my friend's sister's house...
it looks incredible...tiffany is of course an interior designer...but still, i think with some help, anyone could do this. her house looks great! (some of the rooms are still in progress in the photos but they still look completely amazing!)

how beautiful is this room now? i love the molding around the window. instant update.
how many kitchens have you seen like this and think how expensive it would be to update it? some paint on the cabinets and new hardware is a great way to save money yet still have an updated look...
the countertops are supposed to be a concrete look...i really like it. very modern.
this is the living room after they refinished the floor. i really love how it looks.
all images from modernbarn

16 June 2009

so many wants

lately i have felt sad as i see so many projects that i want to do but then realize i can't because of the lack of money we're experiencing. it is a hard time of life to be in but it is making me realize that wants aren't everything...although they sure are fun!

there are some current *i want to do these really bad* wants that will just have to wait at least a few months, maybe years, who knows...i'm trying not to feel depressed about not being able to have this creative outlet!

so basically i haven't posted anything in a long time because it's just depressing right now to be blog-surfing and see all the things i want to do but can't. so...if i am MIA it's because i am taking a break from my "wants" so i can focus on just being happy with our needs!

update: okay i feel a little better...i was really just down but then i decided to use some fleece i had bought awhile ago to make this cute neck pillow for my son from make it & love it. quick, easy, little to no cost project. gotta love that! of course, mine was not pink...instead, dinosaurs!