18 December 2008

DIY babylegs

guess which picture is real babylegs and which one is homemade babylegs??

i really like babylegs because they're so cute & functional, but i've got to be honest...i am too cheap (and too poor) to buy my son a pair for $12.00. well...i found a solution! a DIY tutorial on how to make them from a pair of adult socks...so, all you have to do is spend money on the socks and then take the time to make them. a fellow blogger, isly, has tried them out and they look great!

now, for the tutorial...click here!

(picture #1: homemade babylegs (link), picture #2: real babylegs (link))

12 December 2008

more ribbon ideas

images taken from {capture the moment} (link)

i like this idea even better than the oatmeal box idea...although both are great. this is great for those little sections of ribbon you have lying around that don't fit on the spool anymore. plus...it just looks great! i think i'll definitely do this. click the link above to see how she spools the ribbon around the clothespins!

10 December 2008

delicious damask

i am totally in love with damask. i love it so much i'm tempted to decorate everything in it...but that would be overkill...so don't worry, i'm going to control myself. anyways, i have been looking for some damask prints i could use in photoshop but they have been hard to come by. however, i found this tutorial that shows you how to make damask backgrounds, borders, etc. all by yourself! i thought i'd share in case anyone is as interested in this as i am! here ya go...


08 December 2008

little birdies

image taken from how about orange (link)

i love these birds. click here for a pattern & tutorial on how to make them. i think i'm going to whip some of these up for next year's christmas tree!

06 December 2008

undercover crates

image taken from paint in my hair (link)

i am in LOVE with this idea! crates are wonderful for storage, but let's be honest, they are quite an eyesore if you want your home to be stylish. i think these would be great in a child's room or in a craft room (let's hope i have one of those someday!). click on the link above to see a wonderful tutorial on how to sew slipcovers for a crate.

DIY wall organizer

image taken from Living Creatively (link)

i love this wall organizer. in my dream house, i want a little nook right off the kitchen where the computer will be and where our kids can work on homework, art projects, etc. this would be the perfect organizer to put on the wall in that space! click the link above to see the tutorial.

make your own kitchen mat!

image from sew, mama, sew (link)

i thought it was a great idea to make your own kitchen mat. i don't LOVE this one...i am just posting it because the site gave a tutorial on how to do it (click the link above to see the tutorial), plus it got the wheels turning in my head. i think if you found some really funky fabric, this would be a fun project! it seems easy and plus it would probably be cheap enough that you could make a new one when you got bored with the current mat - and, sometimes you just can't find what you're looking for in the store!

little birdies

image from Good Housekeeping (link)

i love birds. i just think they're so cute and hey, they're in style right now. but, i think they are timeless enough that if you make something like this, it won't be out of style next year. these pillows are from Good Housekeeping. you can go to the link and find a print out template of the birds plus a tutorial on how to make these cute pillows. i've already got it printed out and in my craft idea folder!

05 December 2008

tiny pincushions

image taken from how about orange (link)

can you believe i don't own a pincushion? i guess i just haven't found one in the store that i like, so all my pins are stored in the original plastic container - yes, it is frustrating to get a pin while sewing! i think these are sew cute (haha). i think i'll make some! now i just need to find some cute fabric...click the link above to see a tutorial on how to make these cute little treasures.

love this DIY idea

visit this link to see the steps (link)

one time i was watching rachael ray and loved this DIY idea. all they did is they took an old bookshelf and turned it into a really neat display case. i loved the color of the one they had on the show. i think this would be a really great way to recycle an old bookshelf!

ribbon holder

picture taken from curbly upcycle (link)

i am desperately in need of a container to hold my spools of ribbon (all six of them, hehe...i don't quite have a collection yet!). i found this and thought it was a great idea, especially because i have an empty oatmeal container on hand! this tutorial looks very well done and very do-able for anyone, crafty or not!

advent calendar

image taken from craftastica (link)

i have always loved advent calendars. my mom had one that she made before i was even born that i have always loved looking at during the holidays (although i don't think we ever used it because pieces were missing, etc). next year, i definitely want to make one so i can start up a family tradition. i thought this was cute and a great DIY idea. i am on the lookout for more advent calendar ideas because i want to find something i absolutely love.

here is another advent calendar i found that is a little more my style...

image taken from (link)

photo collage

image taken from cookie mag nesting blog, a special on stephanie nielson's home in arizona (link)

i love this idea of doing a collage of your family in your kitchen. there's no better way to bring love into your home than to cover it with pictures.

my dream nursery

i am in love with this nursery, done by re:place. i would love to have such a quiet, serene place for my baby and me! check out the link to see more pictures of the beautiful room. the bird silhouettes on the wall can be found here. they are pricey ($30 for two bird silhouettes...yikes!) but if you had the money, i think it'd be worth it. otherwise, they probably wouldn't be too hard to make yourself using some scrapbook paper, fabric, or wall paper.


image taken from cookie mag nesting blog (link)

image taken from design*sponge (link)

image taken from the blog design*sponge (link)

i am in love with silhouettes. i love that you can make them easily yourself and that they bring a vintage flair to any room. follow the links above to see the tutorials.

here is a tutorial on how to create a silhouette digitally, rather than by hand.

i'm not sure which way i'm going to do mine yet. i like the hand-crafted part of doing it without the computer, but perhaps it'd be a cleaner outcome if it was done digitally. i guess maybe i'll try both!

fabric wall art

this image is taken from the blog how about orange (link)

i love canvas wall art like this. they are way out of my price range to buy in a store, so i found a great tutorial on how to make your own using a fabric with large print. i can't wait to do this! i think i'll do one in our front room and our bedroom...maybe even more rooms...but, i don't want to over-do it!