28 January 2009

work work work

so i am currently working on some DIY projects that i'm so excited about. it is LOTS of sanding and painting and i'm eager to finish everything...

stay tuned for a baby crib & a vintage desk turned
hall table

and eventually two dressers, a changing table, a glider, and a bed frame. oh la la. so much to do.

i LOVE what paint can do!

26 January 2009

table runner

i loved this table runner idea. here's the tutorial!

lined curtain tutorial

i would really like to make some curtains for our house. this seems like a good, thorough tutorial to refer to as i do it. now i just need to see if i can make them cheaper than i can buy them (sometimes the fabric i love is way out of my price range and i can just buy cute curtains at the store for less...so, we'll see...).

tutorial here.

magazine holder

my friend has one of these hanging in her bathroom and i loved how it looked. i just found a tutorial so i thought i should definitely hang onto it! (i probably wouldn't use it for toilet paper though...just magazines...).

tutorial here.

hot pads

i need new hot pads...i only have 2! so i thought this was a great way to get more plus they are very cute. i just need to go get some fabric now!

tutorial here.

make your own headboard

i really would love to make a fabric covered headboard for our bed and i have been trying to figure out exactly how i'd do it, then, i came across this tutorial and thought it looked great! it is very thorough and kind of filled in the holes on my idea (ie how to attach the bed to the headboard). definitely gonna do this one...!

here's the tutorial: http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/?p=558

12 January 2009

spices spices

i have so many spices that are so hard to keep organized so when i found this idea, i got so excited! #1 it's cute and #2 it's practical. it isn't a huge eyesore in your kitchen - in fact, it's kinda vintage looking. i think i will definitely do this!

bulletin board

i really love bulletin boards but they can really become an eyesore when they get cluttered. i saw this idea and loved it! i don't know if i am handy enough to make it but i thought it was a wonderful idea that i may try out someday - i think it'd come in especially handy someday when i have a houseful of kids!