20 September 2009


just found this in the antique's section of the phoenix craigslist (here). too bad i don't have an extra hundred bucks to drop. it would be a nice addition to my house.

13 September 2009


i love how classy this halloween decor looks!

see it on life in the fun lane.

10 September 2009

cute decor

i stumbled upon this dining room/family room combination by stacey sargent and really liked a lot of the elements, so i thought i'd "catalogue" it for future reference. i like the wall by the dining room table especially! i love how it adds a little pop of color to the house. i also love the wall paper!

see the original post here.

07 September 2009


how adorable is this little swimsuit?

you can find it here.

but - since it costs a lovely $66, maybe i'll try making one in the future. i just love the design!