31 March 2009

pacifier clip tutorial

i have really needed one of these for my son but they have always been pretty girly in the stores so i've never bought one. it would have come in VERY handy on the streets of new york city as he was chucking his binky out the stroller.

i definitely want to use this tutorial to make a pacifier clip for my next baby, since mine's now a little old to be clipping his binky on (he'd probably just tear the clip off anyway!)...

baby's first book

i found this baby's first book idea awhile ago and can't get it out of my head so i needed to make sure i post it so i can remember the idea.

i have been tossing around ways to make an ABC book for my baby. my sisters have made ABC books that use most of the names of family members plus familiar objects and i have really loved how they turned out. what i love about this particular book is the format...i think i'll kind of combine the two ideas and hopefully end up with something cute and functional.

see more here.

things to make with felt

i just came across some super cute ways to use felt...

first, a paper bag lunch set! we all know how much kids like to play with pretend food (at least, i know i did when i was a child). i think this would be fun to make for my little boy when he gets older. see the tutorial here.

now look at this cute little animal cracker play set. how cute! check it out here.

27 March 2009

play tent

i saw this idea on design mom - you can buy these tents from Mignon on etsy here, but i think i'd like to file this idea away and attempt to make one of my own when my little boy is a bit older {they are a BIT out of my price range, haha}. it's such a great idea though...i am loving it!

23 March 2009

polka dot party

for a tutorial on making a polka dot cake, click here.

i am so excited for my little boy's 1st birthday, coming up in less than a month! i am having so much fun planning it. while i won't spoil the little details, i will say that it will be polka dot themed (blue, green, and brown). i found this adorable polka dot party which is inspiring some of my ideas!

i love this garland above the table.

all images taken from inchmark journal.

21 March 2009

tote bag

use this tote to pick apples, oranges, or just go grocery shopping. can't wait to make one!!

tutorial over at {the purl bee}

fabric tufted ottoman

i love ottomans but they are just so darn expensive...here is a great tutorial on how to make one yourself for under $100! i am definitely keeping this in mind for the future...



you decide...
here's the tutorial!

20 March 2009

ruffle cake

someday when i have a little girl, i'm going to make this for her birthday party. i am in love with it!

18 March 2009


i love this idea using wallpaper in a living room. i am really in love right now with bright, cheery colors. i just love how fresh this room looks. and don't you love those pleats on the couch??

14 March 2009

the baby crib - finally!

i finally got a picture of the crib i painted. it was given to me by my sister and had been used by 3 children previously and was 9 years old (at least...). it was in okay condition but starting to look very worn. plus, i really wanted a white crib for my baby. it was a TON of work to paint the crib, mostly because it was in pieces and so it was a slow process. but i am so happy with how it turned out!

the before crib...nice, but not in love with the wood...

the after crib...the white is called "whispering wind" and is more of a dirty white...i wanted it to be older looking...antique, if you will...

i still need to paint this dresser and glider, plus a changing table...so much work but it will be worth it! i'll post those pictures as i finish them (it helps me stay motivated to think..."i've got to post those pictures!")

12 March 2009


i love love love magnets and especially pretty magnets. they just make my day brighter when i look at the fridge. here is a tutorial on how to make fabric covered magnets...

fabric mail sorter

again, another cute idea! click here for the tutorial.

fabric storage cubes

click for tutorial.

aren't these cute?? they look pretty easy to make. storage bins always seem so over-priced, in my opinion, so i think these would be great to make with leftover fabric.