30 April 2009

tissue box

i always am in need of a tissue but i hate how ugly the boxes are. here is a great tutorial on how to make a tissue box cover!!

i need this!

i love this idea. i think it would work great for those things i am constantly trying to pass to my son in the back seat (like snacks, toys, sippy cups, etc.). maybe i'll have one for trash and one for "things" haha!

see the tutorial from "make it & love it" here.

cute embellishment

image from here

someday when i have a girl (or actually even for myself) i'd like to embellish a plain tee just like this. tutorial here.

23 April 2009


i love white. in my dream home, i want a white kitchen and big white molding. here are some pictures i found today that i want to remember when planning my dream home (which hopefully i'll get someday!?!?).

i LOVE this green door!

this person had the cabinet bottoms cut out and set directly on the countertop so as to be able to store appliances so they look good but are easily accessible. what a great idea!

i just love the colors in this dining room.

all images taken from design*sponge

19 April 2009

cute bunny

here's an adorable bunny i want to make my son for next easter! my favorite part is the diaper!

tutorial here.

15 April 2009

loving pink

someday, i would really love to have a room in my house that is pink. i saw a beautiful living room in house beautiful that was pink and it really got the ideas flowing.

these images are from absolutely beautiful things. isn't this room darling? i sure love it. it's so vibrant and happy.

easter basket toolbox

i didn't do anything this year for easter as far as gifts go mostly because we're tight on money but also because i was just too lazy. i figure since my almost 1 year old didn't have a clue it was easter, i could let it slide.

i just found this wonderful idea that i am most definitely going to do next year! i love it! and, it's perfect for a boy. (you have to admit, there are ALL these ideas for girls floating around but not too many for boys...so when i find great ideas, i've got to save them!!)

images from the charming armelle blog

12 April 2009


you could win a $200 gift card to anthropologie over at lola b's blog...the giveaway ends tonight so hurry quick!!

07 April 2009

DIY pen holder

i made this little pen holder the other day in about 10 minutes - maybe less. it was so easy and now we have something stylish to hold our pens in since our computer desk is in the family room. i'm sure there are many different ways to use this idea - besides a pen holder...but that's where YOUR creativity comes in ;)


empty formula can, hot chocolate can, or something small like that
cute cardstock, wrapping paper, wallpaper, etc.
any embellishment you want (ribbon, etc.)
double sided tape

...what to do...

simply cut the paper to be the size needed to fit around the can, then use double sided tape to adhere it. embellish it with whatever you love - i chose a simple thick ribbon around the top of the can - again, adhered with double sided tape. you're done! see how easy??

03 April 2009

making the switch to cloth

bumGenius 3.0 all in one cloth diaper (one size)

i have been doing research over the past few days (almost 24/7!) and have decided to switch my baby to cloth diapers. it's more economical (in the long run), healthier for my baby, better for the environment, and let's face it...super cute!

here is a list of very valuable websites that have helped me (and will continue to help me) in this process of switching from disposables to cloth. i am amazed at the resources that are out there! thank you to ALL of the websites, seriously.

if you are somewhat interested or curious about cloth diapers, i highly recommend checking out the websites i am listing. i am listing them for me personally, so i can remember where to find all of this information, but if it helps someone who's curious, that's an added bonus.

information on cloth diapers
http://www.realdiaperassociation.org/diaperfacts.php *this solidified my desire to use cloth

sewing cloth diapers
http://fernandfaerie.com/sewing_fitteds.html *this is the diaper i am going to sew

sewing wet bags

fabric shops

cloth diaper products i am thinking of using

taking care of cloth diapers

diaper deals and announcements