20 August 2009

more play kitchens

i am back on a play kitchen kick today, after taking max to the doctor and him loving the play kitchen in the office. i really don't like the look of the commercial play kitchens, they're kind of an eye-sore in a house, so i am really wanting to make our own. plus, a DIY kitchen has the potential to be much cheaper (the plastic kitchens and specialty kitchens are upwards of $150!). here are a few i have found that i am loving and will use as inspiration for the project.

most of these kitchens are from ohdeedoh.com and use ikea components as the base of the project. some are pricier DIY's than others but i think overall, i could probably make a play kitchen for easily under $100, but hopefully under $50 or $60 (perhaps using thrifted units instead of new ones from ikea).

details here

details here

details here

details here

details here

details here

details here

aren't they all so cute? there are a few i just love.

hart & sew giveaway

there is a little giveaway at hart & sew which i am super excited about because they are cute, girly headbands perfect for my little #2 on the way!!

go check them out now!

here's a link to the etsy shop, hairblooms.

07 August 2009

thinking october...

is this not the cutest halloween costume you've ever seen?

well, i think it is. i guess i just have something with animal costumes...i absolutely love them!

i think it'd be so cute for mr. max this october...but, if not for him, definitely for some baby in the future!

and it works, girl or boy...because this cute little monkey is a girl...

from katie did